Friday, April 27, 2012

BFN, TWW and Move to IUI

My OPKs got confusing this cycle so I don't know when I ovulated.  I got a dark positive CD12, then another a little lighter positive CD13.  There was also a lot of soreness on both the right and left sides from CD12-CD15.  And clear fluid CD12 and CD13.  Lets just guess and say CD14 was when I ovulated.  I'd be 13dpo today.

Not Pregnant

I never got any more pregnancy tests with a line as dark as the other day.  So NOT PREGNANT.  Maybe it was an evaporated line or something? 

There is still time, I didn't get my last BFP 'til 15dpo.  But I don't feel pregnant.  I also don't feel like I'm going to get my period tomorrow or Sunday.  I've gotten menstrual cramps all week, however, they only last a few hours at the most and then disappear again.  I don't know what to think.

I'll try another pregnancy test in the morning.

New Doctors and New Procedures Coming Soon

I went to get registered on base for my insurance today.  My old base I got sent out into the civilian world for my ENT, OBGYN and RE, just because they didn't have doctors there to care for me.  This base is much larger and has many of those things.  My first thought, "they can't possibly have the correct services to care for my screwed up self, I want a REAL doctor."  And then, 
"look at those girls in the OBGYN clinic, they're all pregnant and so young. I hope they don't expect me to sit in there with them."  I was pissed about the latest BFN.  Last thing I want to do is get stuck in a waiting room with a bunch of pregnant women who don't have the slightest idea what infertility is about.

I'm not sure how long it is going to take to get an appointment with my primary doctor, then OBGYN, then finally send me to a fertility specialist.  My husband's job sends him away from long periods of time with no real schedule.  This starts in a couple weeks.  This current cycle was our last TTC naturally (as in penis in vagina).  Maybe a couple times a year we'll get a chance but they'll be no schedule ahead of time or planning.  And with myself being annovulatory a lot of time, well I'm even more useless.

IUI - Source
I'm moving forward with IUI.  It was a decision made last year once my husband started going out to sea again, though I hoped I'd get pregnant and stay pregnant so it wouldn't come down to this.  It will be with my husband's frozen sperm so I'm not waiting on his schedule.  And I'll probably be using all injectables, unless they decide to give Clomid another try with monitoring this time.  I'm hoping to get all these appointments done, whatever testing they want, and the sperm in the freezer by August so I can start the IUI then.  Not sure if that is a realistic date with military doctors.  The waiting list is a year or two out for IVF so that's not doing to happen anytime soon.  My husband's schedule is going to be like for for the next three years.  I see the women in their 30's and 40's at the RE office, I know my insides are failing already.  I need to get this done and not wait three years.

No BFP and AF this weekend, then IUI is my next step.

On the positive I always did want twins, and IUI will bring me closer to that.

My two week wait symptoms:

Bloating - 0dpo-now off & on - Could be anything.  I feel fat sometimes.
Ovary Pain - 0dpo-2dpo - Ovulation?
Sharp/Stabbing Pains/Pulling/Twinges - 0dpo-2dpo - Ovulation.
Cramps - 4dpo-6dpo light, 10dpo strong, 11dpo-now middle - Could be AF coming.
Sore Muscles - 3dpo-now off & on - Lots of moving around.

Back & Legs
Backache - 8dpo-12dpo - Pain in the middle, usually I have upper or lower.

Heartburn - 6dpo - Burning throat, not sure what heartburn feels like.
Sore Breast - 2dpo-9dpo sore, 10dpo-12dpo really sore, 13dpo really really sore - Could be high estrogen or progesterone.

Irritability - 11dpo-now - Could be PMS.
Happy - 0dpo-now - Ether really happy or PMS.
Anxious - 10dpo-now - I want this TWW to be over.

Bleeding Nose - 12dpo - Dry nose?
Headache - 0dpo-now - Normal.
Stuff Nose - 4dpo-now - Allergies?
Dizziness/Light Headed - 9dpo-10dpo

BBT Luteal Phase Dip - 7dpo - Gave up on BBT though.
Vivid Dreams - 11dpo-now

Acne Breakout - 0dpo-now

Diarrhea - 7dpo-now off & on - With a lot of dairy.
Increased Cervical Fluid - 11dpo-now
Increased Appetite - 2dpo-now - Sometimes I've just starving, other times I'm fine.
Nausea - 5dpo-now - Morning and nights before I go to bed.  Sometimes it's so bad I almost dry heave.  This happens frequently when I don't eat much.
Food Aversion - 11dpo-now - Chicken.  Keep it away from me.

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