Sunday, December 18, 2011


On the 10th I mentioned:  "AF should be due Thursday(CD30), Friday, Saturday or Sunday (CD33, 15dpo)."  Well nothing Thursday, nothing Friday, tested Saturday FMU and it was BFN.  But still no AF.

Last week a co-worker who knows about my fertility issues said to me: "Now that you have a puppy you'll probably get pregnant".  We joked how much work I'd have with a puppy and being pregnant.  Oh course that would never happen.

On the 17th I gave a list of my TWW symptoms.  Most I could write off as my allergies, busy Christmas season or that I'm just getting sick.  Only thing that seemed really strange is how tired, how starving and how I keep getting nauseous and dizzy.

I woke up this morning over and over again before my alarm.  Crazy baby/pregnancy dreams.  I planned on testing again.  Checked for AF, nothing.  Checked my cervix, kind of soft, or I couldn't find it.  Sometimes I can't find it when it's soft because my fruit loop cervix feels just like everything else in there.  Soft = AF is coming.  Did a POAS anyways, didn't think much would come of it.  Dipped the test in my cup of pee and then flushed the rest.

15dpo FMU

Why is it positive?  I'm infertile?

Maybe the test is broken?

Maybe it's one of those evaporated lines or some type of false positive?

Maybe it's a chemical pregnancy?

It's still really light...

Holding my pee in to test again.

(please no congratulations if you know me in person, if it is true I'd like to keep it a secret for awhile.)
CD33, 15dpo

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  1. Hoping that it's a true positive! That would be so exciting! But I know what you mean. I'd actually wait a week and test again just cuz it would give time for the hormones, if you truly are, to build up


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