Monday, March 12, 2012

New Home

Hopefully.  I mentioned before Bean and I are moving from NH to WA for his job.  We are buying a home this time around, our first home.

It was listed for $289,000, then dropped over time to $269,500.  We made an offer of $260,000 and it was accepted.  The inspection is done and we are just waiting on the loan paperwork.  If everything goes right I'll move in mid-April.

Back Yard
Living Room #1
Dinning Room
Living Room #2
Living Room #2
Bathroom #3
Bedroom #2 
Bedroom #3
Master Bed
Master Bed

PS I updated Selbe, Cost of Infertility, and Contact Me.  I also an Who Are You page.  I saw this on another blog & thought it was a cool idea.  Please go and comment.


  1. Gorgeous! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and love that style of wood-planked house that is so common the region. Here's hoping the current layout of Bedroom #2 brings you that bit of luck you need ...

  2. Such a beautiful home! Love the hardwood floors!


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