Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Don't Like Your Kids

I don't mind my friend's kids.  I'm talking about complete strangers.  People you see in waiting rooms, bouncing their baby on their hips as everyone cooes and talks about him/her.  And then there is myself, looking down at my iPhone and the floor, trying not to notice they exist.  It always seems like they expect some sort of response from me, maybe because I'm female in my childbearing years.  I should have some response like: "omg the cutest baby ever, I want one!"  Instead I am cold.  

They'll never know why I'm this cold.  They wouldn't understand anyways, what I have been through or the way life really works.  Or they would say some stupid fertile comment.  Their life is all happiness.  To me the worst thing in their life is far from bad at all.  

So many of my friend's have teething babies right now.  I'd take a crying, screaming baby for hours a day for a short period of time over THIS.  

(And what am I supposed to say anyways, that my dog is teeth?  He really is, I find his teeth everywhere. He seemed kind of sad so I bought him new toys.  Only to get a confused look from the mommy group and I comment like: "you really need to have a baby" from a young women that infertility never seemed to cross her mind.  Yeah working on that.  Keep praying to the Narwhals for me, you'll have time because I'm sure there is no baby in my near future.)

Ignoring your child is a defense mechanism, just how I'm making a short list in the head of reasons why I don't want a kid anyways.  

Do me a favor, just leave me in the corner of the waiting room.  

Do any other infertiles have this "I don't like your kids" response?


  1. I have not only the "I don't like your kids response"* but also the "I don't like your pregnant belly" response and the "I don't like your fertile aura" response.

    *Not to my friends' kids. Just to random other kids.

    1. Yes and I fear looking at some of these cute kids because it will make me remember mine. I like it better when they are screaming, or there's poop flying. They are less adorable then.

  2. I have had this response, but it sometimes even creeps into my friends' and family's kids (I know, awful...). Sometimes the attention on them is too much for me, and I need a break. You are normal.


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