Saturday, February 18, 2012

Truths #1-7

This is a photo project I started recently.  I needed something to keep my mind off everything else.  Warning:  There is some nudity.  

Truth #1 - I tell people my shoes are not slippers.  But they really are.  And I wear them to work.

Truth #2 - I always wanted cute high heel legs. I will never have them because my calves are so muscular.

Truth #3 - I admire my flat stomach by running my hands over it often.

Truth #4 - I buy flowers for myself for the sole purpose of photographing them. 

Truth #5 - I hate my ovaries.  I can't wait 'til the day I never have to see these again.

Truth #6 - I'll eat them all... at once.

Truth #7 - Las Vegas, NV - In 2005, I got kicked off the Barbary Coast parking garage for taking photos. In 2007, I got kicked off the Stratosphere property for taking pictures with a tripod.

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