Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday

Blue Highlights

My birthday was at the end of January.  Yes right in the middle of this whole cluser fuck.  I turned 27.  I didn't really do a whole lot, not like I felt like doing much anyways.

Bean took me out to dinner the night before.  I wondered if I should order an alcoholic drink with dinner.  Bean went over the risks of fetal alcohol syndrome (this was after my baby stopped growing and the heart also stopped).  I wasn't sure if it was right because I was still carrying my baby, even though it was no longer alive.  We decided booze can't hurt it now.  

For my birthday I went and got blue highlights in my hair.  I always wanted different colour hair and my family is against it.  My mum even called me "one of those freaks" when I told her what I did.  Thanks!  Well I don't live near my family and the company I work for is fine with tattoos, piercings and unnatural coloured hair.  I just had a miscarriage, let me have what I fucking want!  

Bean also invited a few of my friends over for a tiny party and cake.  Unfortunately due to his work schedule he was unable to make it himself.  We still had fun.

Overall I had a good birthday.  And my birthday wish (even though you probably already know it): to be a mommy, and no more surgeries/procedures please!

Bean's birthday was also at in January but at the beginning.  He turned 32.  I threw him a Justin Bieber party.  His birthday wish (this was before the miscarriage): a healthy baby.  Well that one got fucked up.  I'll give him a redo and he can ask for a new iPhone or video game instead.  That seems more fitting.

We are moving soon and started looking at houses.  The bank approved us for just under $300,000.  We are looking for at least a 3 bedroom.  More than one bath would be nice.  Dog wants a large yard.  I want a fences in yard for said dog.  Bean wants a fireplace.  I want trees.  Bean wants to be close to things.  I like more modern homes.

Blog News:
  • I updated my timeline.
  • I updated my cost of infertility page.
  • I signed up for IComLeavWe for February.  Last time I did this was in June(?) and I sucked at it.  Second chance.
  • I submitted a bunch of news from other infertile blogs to Lost and Found and Connections Abound.  These weekly issues list news in the infertile community.  Positive pregnancy tests, pregnancy loss, bad test results, birthdays, etc.  Pretty much anything in need of support.

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