Saturday, December 31, 2011

6 Weeks

6 Weeks
  • Exhausted - Very, I like my sleep.
  • Nausea - Same as last week.  Just short bouts of nausea, morning, afternoon or night.
  • Boobs - Sore.  One is looking bigger and popping out of a bra.
  • Uterus - Some "movement".
  • Bleeding - Zero.
  • Frequent Urination - Oh yes!  If you can't find me at work I'm probably peeing... again.
  • Sex Drive - Going back up.
  • Nose - Still little stuffy, bloody sometimes.
  • Back - Oh the pain!  I normally have a lot of back pain.  But it has been really bad this week.  Upper, maybe has something to due with my boobs.
  • Appetite - Fucking starving!
How far along?   6 weeks
Size of baby:   1/8 in., or size of sprinkle
Boy or Girl?   Boy
What baby is doing this week:  Heart beats for first time.
Best moment this week?  Hearing betas hit 5944!
What I'm looking forward to?  Ultrasound on the 10th!
Next Doctors Appointment:  1/10 at 7 weeks, 3 days
Meds:  GNC Prenatals 
Milestones:  Making it to 6 weeks.
Food cravings?   None.
What I miss?   Booze.  It's New Years.  
Emotions:   None.
Exercise:  Too tired.
Baby Stuff Purchased:  Nothing.
What happened this week?  Working a lot and it's 2012 now!

Happy New Years!  I hope all my wishes come true and for everyone else struggling with infertility.


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