Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Week Wait

Still waiting for AF.  It's currently CD32, 14dpo.  It should have came today, or tomorrow.  I keep checking the TP everytime I go to the bathroom.  Then with a Q-Tip, then check my cervix with my finger.  I don't see anything yet.  For the last five days I've felt a little menstrual cramping but nothing ever come from it.   

So my TWW symptoms (I'm just going to do down the list from the Countdown to Pregnancy website):  

Bloating:  Sometimes I feel a little extra fat.  This is normal though.  6-9dpo
Gas:  It's bad sometimes, I feel bad when I go to work like that. I didn't eat anymore dairy than normal. This happens from time to time, but not usually day after day.  0dpo-8dpo 
Cramps:  Standard.  Probably just AF on her way.  9dpo-now
Ovulation Pains:  Two weeks ago.  0dpo
Backache:  Normal for me though.  6dpo-now
Sensitive, Big & Heavy Breast:  High progesterone?  Kind of normal-ish.  12dpo-now
Happy:  Not depressed, PMS or any mood swings.  0dpo-now
Stuffy Nose:  But I'm not sick?  Maybe allergies.  4dpo-now
Bleeding Nose:  When I blow it.  13dpo-now
Headache:  Happens with allergies.  Off and on.  0dpo-now
Dizzy:  If I move too much.  Maybe my ears of fucking with me.  4dpo-now
Exhaustion:  There is not enough time in the day to sleep.  I only work ~30 hrs a week now, not sure my problem.  Maybe just holiday season, or my allergies.  0dpo-now
Weird Dreams:  Yeah.  11dpo-now
Decreased Acne:  This is weird, I normally have more acne during 2WW. 0dpo-now
Increased Appetite:  Fucking starving.  3dpo-now
Nausea:  Off and on bouts.  Strong but only lasts 30 seconds to a couple minutes.  0dpo-now

But BFN this morning.  Why would it be any different?  Maybe I'm just getting sick.  Or just to tired from work, school and everything else it life that I'm starving and exhausted.  

I got my puppy last Sunday.  I'll have to make a post about it later.

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