Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Weeks

5 Weeks
I saw this on a few other blogs.

  • Exhausted - Not sure if it is working retail during the Christmas season, or the baby.  I have less hours at work coming up in January.
  • Nausea - No vomiting, no dry heaving.  Just short bouts of nausea that go away on their own.  Usually before bed.
  • Boobs - Still sore, not as bad as last week.  Still the same size.  Bean mentioned my areolas are getting bigger. 
  • Uterus - Some soreness(?) or pulling on the left side.  Kind of feels like menstrual cramps.
  • Bleeding - None, thank you!  If I feel wet I go to check out of fear, but nothing there.
  • Frequent Urination - Maybe a little bit more.  Sometimes I have to pee a lot.  But my bladder doesn't feel like it's full like normal, burning full.  More like there is pressure on my bladder so it feels full before it really is.
  • Sex Drive - Gone.  I'm too afraid to hurt the baby, or miscarry.  Although I don't think it will really matter.
  • Nose - Little stuffy, bloody every time I blow it.
5 Weeks
How far along?   5 weeks, 2 days
Size of baby:   2mm, or size of seed
Boy or Girl?   Boy
What baby is doing this week:  Heart, brain & skeleton begin to form.
Best moment this week?  Hearing betas go from 86 to 251 in two day.
What I'm looking forward to?  Beta #3 on Friday.
Next Doctors Appointment:  12/30 at 5 weeks, 6 days
Meds:  Gummy Prenatals 
Milestones:  Doubling betas & making it to 5 weeks.
Food cravings?   None.
What I miss?   Cold turkey sandwiches.  
Emotions:   None.
Exercise:  Ether too tired or fear of miscarrying.
Total Weight Gain?   0 lbs.
5 Weeks
Maternity clothes?  Too early.
Baby Stuff Purchased:  Cute duck and frog onesies at work.  I've been looking at them for awhile but had no reason to buy them.  They went on clearance today.
What happened this week?  Christmas, trip to NY to visit family, Bean got me a new camera

One of my coworkers randomly came up to me this week to tell me that she had a dream about me and I had a baby and it was really cute.  She didn't know I was PG.  I'll take this as a good sign.

Another coworker told me about her daughter-in-law who had a baby four months ago is pregnant again.  I guess that was that was supposed to make me feel connected to other pregnant women.  But it was more of a depressing story after everything I've been though (and every infertile women could agree).  

Frog & Duck Baby Things
I still don't feel like a fertile.  I fear too many things.  I worry about my betas not going up enough, not finding a heartbeat, miscarrying, or my cervix giving out.  

5 wks, 2 days

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  1. Yay for doubling betas! Signs of a healthy pregnancy, for sure!



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