Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today is CD47 and no AF yet.  Just light cramping the past week+, and a little bit heavier yesterday and today.  And a hard cervix still.

Normally:  I take Provera for 10 day, AF starts the 6th or 7th day of pills.  Then I just finish out the remaining days on the pills.

This Cycle:  Took it for only 5 days.  On the 6th and 7th day (1-2 days after last pill) I had brown spotting.  I thought that must be it.  It's now 9 days after my last pill!  And nothing.  Spotting went away.  Maybe that's all my body had for AF?

So no glucose BW, U/S or HSG (all which would have probably been done by now) until my body gets it shit together.

I searched on Dr. Google and read if you don't get AF on Provera then you are most likely PG.  Most likely not true.  I'm temped to just do a POAS to see.  But they did a beta BW, that's more reliable than these home POAS.  And they wouldn't have put me on the drug to begin with if I was.

Dr. Google also told me to give it 10-20 days after last pill.  Why didn't my body need that long before?

I'm hoping these cramps lead to something soon.  I also keep getting nauseous and nipples are semi sensitive.  These are post-ovulation symptoms for me, along with long-term cramps.  But Progesterone BW also showed no O, unless it wasn't timed right.
CD47, WTF?

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