Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Appointment 6/27

Doctors apppointment yesterday!
  • I got a Clomid refill for next cycle.  Dr. S said I'm not very optimistic since I'm asking for it already.  I'm optimistic but I'm not going to try and track him down with less than 3 days to spare when I realize it didn't work.  Planning!
  • Talked a little about making the switch to Femara, instead of Clomid.
  • Progesterone BW CD21.  Or CD22, or CD23.  Whatever works best with O since that changes every cycle.
  • SA for Bean!  He actually got all the paperwork and the special cup yesterday from work.  And since his job gave him a couple days off (not to jerk off, other reasons), we got the little guys dropped off too.  They gave him an hour to get them to the hospital but with the drive and registration I'm not sure they got tested in time.  
CD7, Clomid all done for this cycle

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