Friday, June 17, 2011

And More for the 2WW

hopefully pregnancy
Many more symptoms now than with my last update of pretty much nothing.  I probably should have waited longer to write my 2ww but oh well.  Now there's two.

Nipples/Breast - Nipple are super perky and sensitive!   I feel like I should be a porn movie or something.  But this happened last cycle too so...  My one boob is slightly sore, but only my big boob.  Other boob is fine.  (off & on, then 8dpo - now)

Montgomery's Tubercles - Boob zits!  I have a bunch of bumps on my nipples already but in the bathroom the other day there were many more.  First thought was I had whiteheads on my nipples, or a rash.  But I'm pretty sure they are just Montgomery's Tubercles. (8dpo)

Cramps - More defined cramps than the ovary pain I mentioned before.  They are a little lower and lasted about 3 hours.  They felt almost like AF cramps, but a little different. (8dpo)

Bloating/Constipation - They tend to go together for me but I'm not constipated.  I'm feel so bloated, fat and full.  Grrr.  I'll give the fiber supplements a try anyways.  (8dpo - now)

Frequent Peeing - I'm worst at night.  Once I lay down I feel like I'm up every two hours running to the bathroom.  I might have to doctors test me for UTI even though I don't have the cloudy or bloody pee that I usually get with it. (1dpo - now)

Sore Naval Piercing - My new piercing that I got three months ago has been very sore.  This probably means nothing but I don't remember hitting it against anything.  (8dpo - now)

Sleepy or Not - I'm so tired but I just lay there forever in bed not falling asleep. 

Rage & Tears - Read this post.  That car dealership now knows not to piss someone off that's on high levels of hormones. 
CD28, 10DPO, -POAS


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