Monday, October 22, 2012


This past weekend I did my first PCOS mini walk via the PCOS Foundation.  One of local women organized it and we did laps around the mall that equaled a mile in length.   And then we had Cinnabon because sugar and carbs are great for those with PCOS.  Anyways it was only a group of a few of us, but I met some great women.

I did ovulate on my own with just Metformin this cycle.  So the Met is working or I just have leftover fertility drugs in my system.  Ovulation means no Provera to start my period.  

Madigan is preping me for another monitored cycle.  I'm not going to do any drugs or IUI though.  But they did have me do a bunch of blood work last week and more this coming week.  I know Friday they tested my thyroid and my results seemed fine.  I think I have a mid-cycle ultrasound for about two weeks from now.  Most likely Halloween-ish time or early November.

My tattoo is doing good.  At first there was little bits of skin coming off.  Then the week after it became really itchy.  That point I kept putting A&D on it, but then read I might be over using it.  It has been much better now.  If I run my fingers over it I can still feel it raised up a bit but that will go away in time.

I get pictures of Coral every week.  The last couple weeks she has been wet but they as assured me she has a habit of with wanting to play in the water dish and will look much better upon arrival.  Her flight out is on November 3rd.  I keep calling her Coral Lee but not sure if I will keep that or just plain Coral. 


  1. Hey! I noticed that you posted about BETA number 3! But I can't see that whole post!!! I'm dying over here! LOL And CONGRATS!!!!! How exciting!!!1

  2. I'm with Shannon, I'm curious to see what is going on!


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