Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Move Closer to IVF

Today's IUI was done with 1.3 million sperm, not good.  "Vial 1" from May had 10 million post freeze, and most of those didn't survive the thaw.  I asked about "Vial 2" from June that was still frozen and they said it would produce about 2 million, 3 at the most.  A little bit better.  But the RE would like 10 million and above.  Plus motility and R&L went down.

IUI #1 - BFN IUI #2
Volume 0.5 ml 0.5 ml
Concentration 30 millon 5.6 millon
Motility 83% 45%
Rapid & Linear 58% 5%
Total 12.5 millon 1.3 million

They gave me the option of canceling the cycle and just walking away.  But I already did the Femara, trigger shot, had two great eggs and got lost in Seattle trying to get to the RE.  I already drank four cups of water to have a full bladder and I was half naked on their table.  The chances of getting PG with those numbers are next to nothing, even with two good quality eggs.  But I paid the $225 for the IUI and went through with it.  The fact that I actually had eggs to ovulate was rare and I just can't go home to have timed intercourse as a backup.  I had to do something.  

This is my first and last cycle doing IUI from a non fresh sample.  "Vial 2" will be labeled for IVF only, or discarded in the future.  

I will wait for AF and then next cycle I will have no meds except Metformin.  The October IUI will be canceled obviously.  My PCOS will probably just make my ovaries go into sleep mode again.  Right before my husband comes home from deployment I will take Provera to start my cycle again.  

I'm going to call the RE on Monday and double check where my spot is on the IVF wait list.  Then possibly having a WTF appointment and talk about having my ovaries drilled out while I wait in October.

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  1. I'm so sorry this cycle seems to be lost before it even started. I think I would have done the same thing and tried it anyways. I'm still keeping my FX crossed that a miracle is on its way. Good luck and ((hugs)).


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