Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five Hundred Dollar Flight for Sex

My trip to location X went well.  I got there at 10am and Bean picked me up to take me to the fancy hotel room.  The Howard Johnson next to the airport.  Haha  We did the deed and I took a nap because I've had to get up early the last few days.  After that he look me to this lookout park.  We went to the pet store to get a couple toys for Loki.  Bean slept with them last night to get his scent on the stuffed animals.  We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, walked around the shopping mall and then went back to the hotel for deed #2.  This morning at 5am he dropped me back off at the airport.  I got home just in time to take Loki to puppy class.  I didn't see much of location X, but I've been there before and I'm not really a fan of the area anyways.  

I'm not sure if this expensive, spontaneous plan worked.  I don't even know what day for sure I ovulated.  But I have zero interest in thinking about it or taking a PG test anytime during my TWW.  I'm just waiting for AF.  There will be no meds next cycle, really no point because Bean won't be home and we are no longer a candidate for IUI with frozen sperm.  I am excited to see it I actually ovulate on my own with just Metformin.   

Every time I fly I get sick.  In another blog post I'll tell the whole story but I'm not sure if I have a weak immune system to all these new germs on the plane.  Or if I'm having an allergy attack.  After my trigger shot I began feeling very hot, but not an increase in body temperature.  Maybe some effect of shooting up with HCG?  After arriving in Location X my throat started hurting, then I began sneezing.  I told Bean I didn't feel good and we stopped at the drug store.  On the way home my nose began running and now is a snotty, congested mess.  I don't mind air travel but why do I ALWAYS end up so sick after?

New Puppy

One Day old Chow Chow puppies
At the end of July I mentioned we put a deposit down on a new dog.  Due to demand and not being a common breed we were put on a waiting list.  We got a call Sunday and Loki's little sister, Coral, was born at Saturday.  She is part of a litter of six but the only female to be born.  Puppy plus shipping comes to $1250.  She'll be here on or after November 3rd.



  1. When you break it down as $250 per deed, it doesn't sound too bad. Fingers tightly crossed for you.

    1. True! And that's about what I paid for the crappy IUI anyways.

  2. Just checking in on you guys - So great to see you managed to get the flight and DTD twice :) You go girl! FX
    Can I ask why your no longer a candidate for the frozen sperm IUI.. Did I miss a blog post?
    Oh and Congratulations on the new Puppy - I can't wait to see photo's

    1. Yes, http://brokenbirdsbees.blogspot.com/2012/09/move-closer-to-ivf.html. But to sum it up he have borderline low count to begin with. After the thaw from the first vial the numbers still alive are too low to do IUI successfully. The numbers for the second vial are not much better. I can do IUI from fresh, just not frozen. My husband is deployed so that will not be for awhile.


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