Thursday, August 2, 2012

Promises for the Future

The one positive I have to say from trying for a baby for an extended period of time is that I get to see what everyone else has done in their pregnancy.  Somethings I really like and would have never thought of that idea myself.  Pinterest has helped a lot with this.  And then sometimes I see things, and well, I promise myself I will never do.  

Things I will not do in future pregnancies:

Orange 3-D Ultrasounds

I like the 3-D/4-D ultrasounds and I do plan on paying out-of-pocket for one during my PG.  But why do they have to be orange?  It's like there is an Oompa Loompa in there.  I used hide under the covers when those creepy things came out to do their dance.  Unless my child has Jaundice I really don't think having them be orange is going to make me bond better.  I will change all those 3-D photos to black and white.  

Pregnancy Lineup

You know when they have all the preggos at the party or whatnot stand in a line for a photo.  Then everyone gets to compare the belly sizes and how many weeks along you are.  I don't mind belly photos in general and have no problem being photographed myself.  But don't make me stand in a line with other women like I just committed a crime and someone now needs to pick me out.  

I think deep down this brings out fear of being compared to others.  Not in the fat vs skinny way.  But that I'm not the same as them.  I had struggles, and they go much deeper than how big my bump is.

Rant - "It's in the Water..."

I HATE this saying.  Why do people have to equate a large number of women getting PG at once by saying something is in the water?  Do people really think there is something fucking in the water?  I know it's just a saying.  It just pisses me off when someone has zero knowledge of infertility says it to me.  Or any other crappy advice I'm given.  Old post but: 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility: There's Something in the Water

Name & Nursery Ideas

We thought of some more ideas.  Actually it was more me thinking of everything and my husband agreeing, for now. 

Girl - Pink & brown room theme, with owls.  Name:  Lillian Airi, or Arri

Boy - Blue & brown theme, with elephants.  Name:  never got that far

Lily, or Lillian, has been picked out for years.  Bean told me a long time ago that I needed to thing of an 'A' middle name so her initials would be LAB.  I'm not sure why.  It took me a year and a half to find Airi, and now he doesn't even remember the LAB idea.  Anyways good thing I'm infertile and had plenty of time to think of a middle name.

I'm hesitant to use owls because I know several people that have already decorated a child's room with them.  Owls = protection, elephants = good luck.  That seems fitting for any child of mine.


  1. I say do what you want with a future kid's room, who cares what anyone else does. Same goes with a name. I have known a few people now who announced their name choices before having a kid and then their friends or relatives decided they liked the name and used it first. I too know several people who have went with an owl theme lately, I think its mainly because some chain stores sell wall stickers that are that theme and a lot of people have no real creativity and just go with stuff they can easily buy and slap up, its a current fad that will pass when something else comes along, so many people lack creativity nowadays and there are no real personal touches on rooms anymore. But you've waited so long that you have a right to do whatever theme you want, and I know how creative you can be and I'm sure you can come up with many creative owl things that others wouldn't even think of. Fabric stores always seem to sell fabric with really neat owl prints, I'm sure you could make an awesome bedding set that nobody else would have :)

    1. I try not to care too much with names and ideas. A few people I know have "taken" my name idea, or something similar to it. But I don't see them in person too often, and I know they didn't intentionally steal it from me, it's just a popular name now. I don't care, in my mind I thought of it first.

      I do admit the owl theme came up after seeing everyone elses stuff. But even if it is owl, elephants, zebras or porcupines I'll still be doing a lot of DIY things. It is more original and I like spending time doing that anyways.

  2. I LOVE the pink and brown theme. That's what I used! :)

    1. I've always been a pink or blue theme girl. The previous owners painted the baby room green (boy) and I told Bean it has to be changed.

  3. You should check out Ian's Elephants of facebook. It's a local group that I just became involved with (although they send packages everywhere) The family that started it suffered a loss at 15 weeks and the story behind the elephant is that when a mother elephant loses a baby the others do not rush her to grieve. They form a circle around her and give her all the time she needs. I have always liked elephants because they are my mom's favorite but I have even more reason to like them now :) I'm thinking an elephant nursery if we ever get to that day. Pink and brown were my wedding colors and I like the blue brown for a boy too!


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