Monday, May 28, 2012


Spotting Continues

This is the longest I've ever spotting before AF, or in general.  Day five so far but I think it has stopped for now.  I can't call it CD1 or start Clomid.  I keep trying to get it to start more.  Walk, run, poke my cervix, vibrator (can't have sex because of the semen freezing is tomorrow).  I've even started with the Vitamin C.  I don't want to take Provera because that's progesterone and is going to stop it before starting it again.  I started getting some cramping yesterday, and again today.  Nothing that strong though.  Today marks CD58.  I don't know of anymore tips to make it start.

What If

Starting IUI brings way more other "what if" questions.
  • What if I don't produce enough eggs & my cycle is canceled?
  • What if I produce too many eggs & my cycle is canceled?
  • What if my lining is too thin?
  • What if Bean's count isn't that great for the freezing tomorrow?
  • What if the count isn't great after thawing?
  • How many samples should he produce to keep frozen?
  • How much of it is used up for IUI?
  • What if I can't get to all the appointments because of work?
  • What if Bean can't get to a fresh IUI because of work?

I try to ignore them and not worry about it.  Most of those things I can't change.  

I'm not trying to put too much hope in this IUI.  In the last 15 months (possible up to 24 months) I've ovulated 5 times.  Of those 5 times we did timed intercourse 3 of them.  Of those 3 times I got pregnant once.  The average women my age has a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle she tries.  Meaning sperm and egg there at the same time.  That's also given there are no other health problems and the sperm quality is good.

My rate of ovulation is crappy, not going to lie there.  But out of the cycles I did ovulate AND sperm was there I got a 1 in 3 shot.  Which is great.  So with the fertility drugs making sure I ovulate and Bean's sperm shot up there at perfect timing I have a great chance.  I try to think of the people I know that have gotten PG on IUI #1 and have a healthy baby now.  That could be me.  But I also know of people that have done IUI #4, #5 or #7 with no results.  

I don't want to get my hopes up because I know IUI #1 only has a 20-25% like normal sex for me.  Plus I don't want to be heartbroken.  I plan on doing five IUIs before making the move to IVF.

Photo a Day

I think I'll do one of those photo a day challenges for June.  It will keep me busy.  I found this one.


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  1. That is a long time to spot. How annoying! I hope this IUI works for you! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts your way!


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