Monday, May 21, 2012

Random Update

Current Cycle

I wish I had more news.  I'm CD51,  my body is pretty much suck here until:
A.  a doctor prescribes me Provera, or
B.  my uterine lining gets thick enough that it drops on its own
Next appointment is Thursday.

Chalkboard Project

I wanted to start the chalkboard project this weekend but then realized the paint I bought takes three days to dry before writing on it.  I'll have to wait 'til the end of the week.


My run time is getting faster.  Although I like to be active I still consider myself the fat kid.  I was always picked last in gym class which is understandable because I never had good coordination.  Even now I feel like I have no control of my limbs and I'm probably the first to fall flat on my face.  This is probably why I do all my physical activity alone.  No one I know is there to watch me screw up and I have no one to compare to so I actually feel better about myself.

Anyways I have no flat land here to run on.  I live about halfway up a hill/mountain.  I'm ether going up hill or down hill.  Unless I make it all the way to the bottom (valley) then it's flat down there.  But I still have to come up the hill at the end to get back home.  I get 24 minutes on a 1.6 mile (2.6km) ranging from 87-260 feet (27-79m).  My muscles no longer get sore.  


Bean came home from his two week business trip on Friday.  I drove into Seattle to pick him up at the airport.  Saturday we brought Loki and walked to the Viking Festival in the town we currently live in (town has a Scandinavian history). 


  1. CD 51 ... geez. C'mon, uterine lining! I love that pic of you two - you look so happy. And your husband reminds me of mine - little glasses and no hair. He he.

    1. Uterine lining has made me wait 'til CD200+ before, I don't think it's done yet. I will take my hidden stock of Provera before it gets that far!

      Haha yeah he's been hairless for some time.

  2. It is sooo frustrating when our bodies choose not to cooperate. errrr. Good Luck on Thursday :)


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