Friday, October 28, 2011

Day Two

I am sooo bloated and huge!  It's hard too, not squishy like fat.  And I can't suck it in.

I haven't been tired much lately.  I went to bed late last night and then woke up early.  I took some Ibuprofen but couldn't get comfortable.  I started out on my back but I kept feeling pain by the lungs and right shoulder.  As soon as I would sit up it would go away.  So I layed on my left side and that felt much better.  As some point during the night I did roll over onto my back but then I woke up in the morning with a backache.  I tried to fall asleep for a couple more hours and eventually did sitting up.  I'm assuming this feeling is the gas floating around and I'm told I'd feel it in the right shoulder.  I thought gravity would take action and it would rise when I'm standing, but the opposite seems to be happening when I'm laying down.  Anyways it is painful so I avoid laying flat.  And this warming massage chair is amazing for my back and shoulder.

FYI With many types of  Laparoscopic Surgeries they fill your abdomen with CO2 gas to expand it.  This helps the camera and other tools get inside.  Your body naturally get rid of the extra gas left inside it.

The incisions really don't hurt too bad.  I've had my navel pierced twice and it often leaves your stomach sore for awhile.  It also makes it hard to bend over and get on the floor.  This is similar pain to that.  It's sore and I'm slow to get up and down, but I'm not wincing in pain.  It sometimes almost burns like having a razor burn.

I was able to take a shower and drive myself today.  Even went to a party for a few hours, but didn't do more than stand or sit around.  Tomorrow my bandaids come off.
CD13, OPK-

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