Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sucking at Acceptance

Two Facebook pregnancy announcements in the last couple days.  Both from people that were pregnant in the spring and miscarried.  I should feel a tad better, but I really don't that much.  In all honestly I'm too busy feeling sorry for my own self.  I cry pretty much every day now.  I'm a quiet crier too, so I just sit there with the tears running down my face for awhile, not making a sound.  I spend way too much time and energy trying to accept my new fate.  

The one good thing about pregnancy announcements is they tend to come in waves.  So they'll be a few week or a month of a bunch of them, nine months of how the rotates around them, and years of baby photos.  And then they'll be another wave.  Most I hide after the first "I'm pregnant" update and ultrasound photo.  It's better for all of us this way.  

So my Lap surgery is on a Thursday.  I took that day off, obviously.  I'm thinking of taking Friday off too.  Saturday I have a baby shower during the day (how convenient) which I took time off for but said I could work at night.  I'm a pretty strong one.  I had a tonsillectomy five years ago, also on a Thursday.  I returned back to school on Tuesday even though I was told I'd need a week or two off.  I was so high off Codeine and could only eat mashed potatoes but I made it.  I fear this for work and the baby shower, and not the mashed potatoes part.  And that it's not my throat, but stomach and bending.  But they are small holes?  

My favorite thing is the RE office telling me to protect against pregnancy for my HSG and Lap.  Heathly Uteri don't sign themselves up for this shit out of fun.  They are at Babies"R"Us signing up for the gift registry.  So the whole "maybe I won't wear a condom this month and I'll get pregnant" has already been thought of.  I'm pretty sure regardless whether a condom is strapped on or not, I won't ovulate, I won't get knocked up, and I probably won't see my period 'til next March.  So protecting against pregnancy really doesn't need to be done since my body does an amazing job at that already.   

PS I probably do have a Babies"R"Us registry for my due date of December 21st, 2012.  Go look it up if you don't know what that day is.  

PSS  Plural of Uterus is Uteri.


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  1. seriously, what RE would say that?? They should just make sure you are not before they do the HSG & Lap....and if you are, what a happy surprise that would be! I've heard of that happening, too bad I wasn't that lucky!



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