Monday, June 20, 2011

POAS are Depressing

AF is due sometime today.  That's really a guess since my body is so messed up that there really isn't a "late" anymore.  Last cycle I O'ed at CD16 and AF showed up on 13dpo CD29.  I assume this cycle since I O'ed CD18 that AF would show up 13dpo CD31?  Approximately same number of days from O, not since the cycle start, right?

I've been having menstrual like cramps all day.  Weird thing is they only last about 15 minutes at a time and then go away.  Normally they start and I'm in for it for the next three days.  I keep running into the bathroom to check for AF.  I even checked my cervix a few times.  High and soft but no spotting yet.

I gave up on the POAS.  I have taken them at 7dpo, 9dpo, 10dpo and 11dpo, all negative.  I would love to be one of those women to know at 3 weeks X days.  But when they come back negative in the morning I'm then upset for several hours after.  I'd rather just presume that AF is around the corner or keep looking at each tiny early PG symptom.  It's just not worth knowing.  Maybe I'll take one in the morning or if AF doesn't show up 14dpo.  

And honestly I'm just assuming AF is on her way soon (sorry for the lack of optimism).  I'm getting kind of sick of the nausea and sore boobs.  The boobs are worse than cycle #2.  I actually wore a bra to bed last night because they kept flopping around (I usually sleep naked).  And I almost vomited in the car the other day.  I'm really looking forward to both these things to go away.  I'd vomit and deal with my sore boobs if I was pregnant with no complaining.  But I'm not PG so please let this IF be.  
CD31, 13DPO


  1. I hate them also. Hope you get an answer soon.

  2. :( (hugs) What a mindf*ck. I hope you get your answer soon - and hopefully it's an awesome answer.


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