Friday, November 2, 2012

IVF Wait List?

I've mentioned in the past about how I'm on a waiting list to do IVF.  If you don't know why then read some of my posts from the past.  But the short answer is because it's cheap.

In May at my first appointment at the RE I asked to be put on the IVF wait list even before I did the IUI's.  I knew the wait list was a year long.  If an IUI worked then I'd take myself off the list and give someone else my spot.  If it didn't work then I wouldn't be waiting so long for IVF.  I was given April as my tentative date and was told I'd be added to the list.

Another time in June I was asking about my spot on the list.  They couldn't locate me because the nurse said there was no "find" option in the program.  Which I'm sure wasn't true.  But she swore I was on there and if she couldn't find me she'd add be right away and mark it that I wanted to move up if I spot become available.  Not everyone is interested in moving up.

I called a month ago and asked if April was still my date, no one ever returned my call.

So I've still been assuming April is my IVF date.  I'm going to be pretty pissed if March comes around and I find out I'm not even on the list.  

I'm part of a forum online for this doctor's office.  One women mentioned tonight that she got moved from June to March, skipping two month in-between.  That's weird because shouldn't someone with an IVF date of April or May move up to March, not someone in June?  They never called me about the opportunity.

I asked her what month she was added to the list, thinking maybe it was before me.  October, as in a month ago!  Not May like me.

Someone who was added less than a month ago gets March, but I was added six months before I have April.  

I have nothing against this person.  But Madigan RE does have some explaining to do.  They ether never put me on the list, or they are taking people out of order.  Both seem unfair to me.  Waiting an extra month isn't that bad.  But if I'm re-added to the list now my IVF date will be fall or winter of 2013.  That just doesn't seem fair.  I will voice my concerns at my appointment next week.  If it doesn't get figured out then I'll spend the extra money and switch to another RE for IVF.  I can't take much more of Madigan's bullshit and misinformation.  

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it gets worked out. If you do decide to do it in town your ultrasounds, bloodwork and stuff are covered and with my RE the actual IVF part she offers a discount for military for the part Tricare won't cover and it's not much more than if we had used the military IVF program. Also ICSI is covered by Tricare if the spouse is active duty. Hopefully you don't need it at all!


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