Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BFN... So Far

I think I'm out.  All I do is spot.  AF is due tomorrow or Friday and this is the third day of spotting.  Most of the time nothing shows up on a pantyliner and I only see it when I check my cervix.  It's only brown too, no red yet.  I'm not sure what would cause so much spotting, I only spot for a day before AF max.  Sometimes not even that long.  I figure it's just a slow and miserable start to AF.  

I've been cramping a lot too which makes me think AF is coming.  Nothing today but yesterday was bad.  I actually laid there crying because that combined with spotting means I'm done for this cycle.  I tend to start cramping right about the start of AF and it doesn't end 'til I take Midol or three days later.  Standing, sitting, laying down, and curled in a ball has no effect on the pain.  But yesterday I learned if I move the pain goes away.  Then comes back later and goes away again.  

My temp dipped really far down yesterday also, but went back up today.  My boobs do hurt, I'm tired, and scatterbrained. 

Oh course every HPT is negative.

Please, BFP or just give me AF so I can start over.  Preferable before Friday afternoon because my RE isn't open on the weekend.

The plan for next cycle?  I will start Femara again this weekend or maybe Monday.  My ultrasound will be around September 7th, trigger around 9th and IUI #2 on the 10th.  Same meds and procedure as before.

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  1. Hi. Here from ICLW. I'm sorry you are still in the unknown and that things are not looking very promising. But I think there is still a chance that your test was just a bit too early. Hopefully you'll get your answer soon. Good luck!


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