Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Guidelines for IUI

I got a packet of guidelines for my last RE for what not to do during a IUI cycle.  Most of the info is also for TI, DI (Donor Insemination) and IVF cycles  It's honestly about eight pages long so I'm just going to summarize the IUI stuff.
IUI - Source
  • Cold Symptoms
    • Congestion - Ocean Mist
    • Headache - regular Tylenol 325mg
    • Cough - regular Robitussin
    • everything else - no other medication is allowed
  • Fever
    • if >99.0F - Tylenol listed above
    • if >100.5F - call doctor
  • X-Rays
    • no X-rays are allowed unless in emergency situations
  • Environmental Allergies
    • Take nothing, even if it is just over-the-counter
  • Cats - don't change litter box
  • Swimming - Allowed
  • Yeast Infection
    • no internal medication
    • can use medication externally
  • Intercourse
    • allowed, limit during two week wait so it doesn't interfere with implantation
  • Herbal Medication
    • none allowed
  • Alcohol
    • not allowed, mixing hormone drugs and booze doesn't end will anyways
  • Exercise
    • No strenuous activity after CD8, includes running
  • Travel
    • allowed, as long as I can make all my monitoring appointments
    • once pregnant fetus must be labeled "viable" (12 weeks) before travel can be done again
  • Prenatal Vitamins
    • folic acid - at least 400 micrograms
    • iron - at least 30mg
  • Caffeine
    • limit or none
  • Heat
    • no heating pads, hot tubs, etc.
  • Others Allowed
    • Novocain, if not epinephrine mixed in
    • TB test
  • Others Not Allowed
    • Flu shots
    • undercooked meat
  • Others
    • Chickenpox
      • if exposed and unsure your immunity status, call the doctor, don't show up in person
      • if exposed and immune, no need for concern
    • Fifth's Disease - if exposed, call doctor

Common Side Effects of Fertility Medication
  • Breast tenderness
  • abdominal fullness
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • mood swings



  1. Gosh, I sure wish my doctor had given me a list like this. I was reading through it thinking, "damn, I did that, and that, and that!" Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ouch it looks like itd hurt having the thing go right into your uterus. I wouldnt be brave enough to do it.

    1. I guess you just get used to it over time. And it's just tubing.


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