Thursday, April 12, 2012


AM OPKs - Negative, almost Positive & Positive
The First Response OPKs (bottom) is a positive in this photo.  However I took one 6 hours later and it was negative.  It seems like the ones in the morning are darker.  And then I remember I had this problem back in December too (month I got pregnant).  The Wondfo (middle) is almost positive, and the Clearblue (top) is negative.  This was the same thing at happened in December and I was unsure I even ovulated, 15 days later I got my BFP.

I also work up today with this clear fluid coming out of me.  I've never had cervical mucus before with any cycle.  This is an improvement.

My cervix went back to being soft.

My ovaries hurt occasionally.  Both right and left side, it switches.

However, CD12 is early to be showing signs of ovulation.  I'm normal a late O'ed, CD15-CD18.

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  1. Just checking in to see how your doing? No update :(


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