Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Menstrual Cramps!

I have two types of menstrual cramps.  The standard cramps and the give-me-the-knife-I'll-cut-my-uterus-out-myself cramps.  There really is no in between for me.

The standard ones are not that awful.  They come to visit almost every cycle and with some meds I forget they are even there for a few hours.  I can still function normally.

I've only had two cases are really bad cramps in my life, both within the last couple years.  For the longest time I would make fun of women that would call out of work and other events for cramps.  What a bunch of wimps.  Take some fucking Midol and quit complaining.

(This is the part of this post that becomes TMI.)

My AF starts out brown and then turns red (like everyone else).  But then CD2 or 3 it turns back to brown and stops completely.  (Super short?)  Then the pain comes.  I'm ether laying on the bed in the fetal position, pacing in circles or somewhere in the middle.  Ether way I can't lay/sit/stand in one position for more than five minutes.  I've tried all the meds, heating pads, walking, orgasms, etc.  Nothing works.  I can't function and all I do is cry.

This goes on for several hours and I'm a mess.  And then my pants begin to feel really wet and warm.  I second guess the thought I might have peed myself.  But it's not that, it's blood and it's everywhere.  The pain starts to go away immediately.

I've mentioned this to two OBGYNs for far.  During my last pap smear my doctor said she couldn't find my cervix.  Kind of weird but said it was very scarred over and the opening was very small now.  Something called Cervical Stenosis that came from my second LEEP not healing correctly.  Possibly my cervix is closing and opening over and over again.  Or the clots are clogging it and stopping my AF.  I'm not sure.

I've never gone to the ER for ether of these cases.  It's come across my mind over and over again.  But I think that are just cramps, everyone gets cramps.  I'll just be wasting their time and they most likely won't be able to do anything for me anyways.  However, sometimes I think if I go maybe they'll give me an u/s or look at my cervix and can figure out why I'm in so much pain.  I'm torn.

I thought I'd write about this today since I had a feeling the Provera would give me stronger cramps than normal.  And it has but nothing too bad.  I have my Midol and warm laptop on my abdomen.  

Hidden Text: Dr., Portsmouth Naval, Lisa Tabenken

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  1. Hi. Here from ICLW #156.
    Sorry about the horror you're going through. I hope you'll look for OBGYN #3 and get some answers. Seems an u/s and maybe some bloodwork, plus a manual exam at the time of the problem is in order, no? Don't just ignore this. Good luck.


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